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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  April 18, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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: highiest priority. investigators release pictures they hold will identify suspects in the attack at the boston marathon. fbi agents are getting a clear picture of what happened at the site of the bombings in boston. they want to know who is responsible for the attack on monday that killed three people. and hurt more than 170 others. they've released video and photographs of the area around the time of the bombings. the images show two suspects. agents scanned through images from surveillance cameras all around the site. the man carrying a black
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backpack and the one wearing a white cap and carrying the white backpack. the men entered the picture walking several meters apart. they were walk being towards the finish line near the place where the explosions occurred. they think the man with the white hat placed his backpack on the street where the second explosion took place. search teams are picking their way through the debris after an explosion at a plant in texas. it leveled homes and businesses all around the complex. 5 to 15 people have been killed. more than 160 injured and several firefighters are missing. >> at this point, they are in the continuation me of search and rescue. which to me, means that they are still going out, looking for survivors of the blast from last evening.
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>> more than 2,600 people live around the site in the town of west. the explosion burned homes all around. many are still smoking. police say more than 60 homes were damaged. many destroyed. but they've been challenged to assess the full extent of the damage because many are still burning. the plant stored ammonia. it was used to produce fertilizer. they fined the operator last year for safety violations. u.s. president barack obama issued a statement on thursday sending prayers to the people of west, texas. he said his government is working to stay in contact with local officials. he promised to ensure needs are met for rescuers on the ground.
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troops across iran have paraded in the annual show of strength. thousands of soldiers marched in the capital. they were marking the reorganization of the forces after the islamic revolution in 1979. some of their missiles are made in iran. >> translator: military strength is essential for the country to keep its independence and its security. >> ahmadinejad said iranians have always promoted peace in the region. it's the foreign presence that's brought insecurity.
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south korea's defense is trying to better counter north korean threats. the military submitted the budget of about $200 million to parliament on thursday. tension on the korean peninsula remains high. it will boost spending on weapons and shelters for border islands, including yeonpyeong . the budget will also be spent on k-9 self-propelled howitzers and equipment to counter against bioweapons. on wednesday it was announced that additional funds to deploy u.s. helicopters from the north. leaders have gathered around the table in washington. they are talking about the state of global finance.
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what do japanese representatives bring to the table? >> they are expected to be defending the country's monetary easing measures. they'll discuss credit easing taking place in industrialized countries. he's set to explain the boj's bold monetary easing policy. the goal is to pull the jap need out of deflation. >> translator: firstly, i'll explain about the current status
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of japan's economy to the delegates. i'll talk about the monetary easing measures we are taking which are meant to achieve the 2% price target. >> an economic recovery in japan, the world's third largest economy, will benefit the global economy. u.s. stock prices closed lower for a second consecutive day. the dow jones ended up 14,537. to find out how stocks are trading let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. there's some negative spilling over. what is expected? >> markets are really focusing
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on what may come out of that g-20 meeting. let's have a look at how the markets here are opening this friday, april 19th. both indexes in the positive. 13,263 for the nikkei. the nikkei ended lower on thursday and so far it's down on the wheat. it may give direction as we heard that ibm's earnings fell for the last quarter highlighting the fall. microsoft and google beat some estimates. that may also give some direction about the outlook for the u.s. economy. earnings and economic data there, a little bit of a focus as well. >> the g-20 is a meeting of
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international financial leaders. a lot of focus on currency moves. gives us an up dadate on where are now? >> let's have a look at it right now this friday morning as tokyo stocks kick off here. 98.24 to 25. it hasn't shifted that much but hasn't retreated too much either. compared to monday when it dipped to 95 yen levels, if you remember. as you mentioned about the g-20, a lot of focus will be on a speech given by the bank of japan governor where he wants to explain in greater detail about the current monetary policy and that the bank of japan is not targeting rate it's been a big concern in global markets despite most leading economies having agreed to the principals involved. depending on the comments and reaction from g-20 leaders we
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may see the yen returning to a weakening trend. let's have a look at the euro/yen. 128.26 to 28. growth and unemployment remain a big concern for euro zone economy. they make everything from lightbulbs to jet engines covering a lot of different sectors. back to you. >> thanks a lot for that update. the nikkei is up about a fourth of a percent. i'll leave you with a check on some other markets.
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pakistan's high court has ordered the arrest of the former president. musharaaf returned last month hoping to make a come back in politics but now that comeback is in doubt. he faces a resounding election defeat five years ago. he lived in exile since 2009. pakistani law enforcement authorities issued the arrest warrant for him in 2011. they accused him of failing to provide adequate security for former prime minister that led
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to her assassination. the high court has suspended the warrant while he tried to fight the accusations. the authorities have ordered his arrest in an about face. he's living at his home. he's poised to file an objection with the supreme court. his return to politics was already looking unlikely because the election board refused to accept his candidacy. new u.s. navy combat ship, the uss freedom arrived in port in singapore on thursday. singapore will be the first country to accommodate the fleet of new american ships all quipped with advanced radar systems. it is viewed as part of the u.s. military effort to keep china's escalating maritime advancement in check. nhk reports. >> reporter: the uss freedom is also known as a total combat ship. it is designed to operate in shallow waters close to shore,
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making it effective where other combat ships cannot engage. the ship measures 118 meters long by 17 meters wide and can accelerate to more than 70 kilometers per hour in two minutes. the uss freedom is capable of functions ann tie submarine functions anti-submarine operations and mine sweeping. the u.s. plans to station up to four of these ships in singapore. >> mainly, our navy has really focused in more the blue water area. further out to sea. and we've had somewhat a seem in our ability to locate close to land. >> reporter: the vessels are equipped with advanced radar systems. the ships are capable of carrying antisubmarine helicopters and high speed
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boats. experts say the new equipment will sharply increase the intelligence gathering abilities of navy vessels. in a meeting earlier this month, u.s. president barack obama expressed appreciation for singapore's cooperation. they are moving ahead with a new strategy. singapore is in a politically important location. it is a symbolic gesture of america's current defense strategy. nhk world, singapore. chinese government officials have accused japan of make
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trouble over islands in the sea. they refer to territory disputes involving other nations in the asia pacific region. japan is the only country singled out by name. the report says the military must protect china's sovereignty and marine interest. they will develop their ability to carry out mobile operations. chinese warships patrol waters near the senkaku islands on wednesday as part of an exercise. the document is the first defense white paper since president took office last month. he's a security analyst. he gave us his take on where china's military policy is headed. >> it reflects the new leaders
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idea of course so they change the structure of contents completely. the feature of the paper must be specific. they criticize japan is making trouble on the issue of senkaku islands and also criticizing the united states to adjust their policy in the asia-pacific. they introduced the army structure in the second chapter, and also the number of soldiers, but it's also part of the -- not mentioned about the main three roles which are expected to be realized. the first one is defending the sovereignty and security. the second one is to guarantee the economic development. and the third one is making
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their contribution to warrant peace. but they emphasize the peace development but also show us threatening military forces. the key word is the mobile operation. and one another is threatening the command and control. so they've already conducted navy exercise long distance around the senkaku islands and also in the west pacific. so we have to keep watching on the operation even though their emphasis is peaceful development. trvelg trvelgts. the people of china has been coping with air pollution. about 120 people attended a seminar in beijing.
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they explained what they did m combat the serious air a pollution that once plagued the country. the japanese participants also shared their latest green technologies. >> translator: japan has taken effective environmental protection measures. china should learn from its experience. >> chinese cities are often covered with smog known as pm2.5. they aring looking waits to help china cope with the problem. reports suggest next week's eu meeting will see the lifting of many economic sanctions
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against myanmar. behind the likely move to go one step further are several factors, including myanmar's recent decision to allow the distribution of a nationally daily newspaper after more than 50 years of prepublication censorship. the country, however, will still not be allowed to import arms or law enforcement equipment that may be used to suppress myanmar's citizens. the meeting of eu foreign ministers is likely to call on myanmar to consolidate its path to democracy, looking at general elections due in 2015. that's the year in which democratic leader aung san suu kyi is aiming to assume myanmar's presidency. pakistan's high court has
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ordered the arrests of former president pervez musharraf. he's accused of serious illegal acts while in office. musharraf returned to pakistan last month from self-imposed exile hoping to make a comeback in politics, but now that comeback is in doubt. she expressed her expectations for the bilateral relationship. >> the government of japan, as i said, will be reconnected to the development of our agricultural sector and the encouragement of a better education system in my country. >> the myanmar opposition leader is visiting japan for the first time in 27 years. researchers in japan are working to keep people on therapy feet and moving. they have been carrying out a clinical trial for people that have trouble walking get a step
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ahead. >> reporter: the robot is a system called hybrid assistive limb. it's attached to the legs of people who have difficulty walking. various sensors detect muscle movement. it delivers strength where needed. researchers ran a pilot test. this patient in her 60s has a degenerative disease. it could deprive her of the ability to walk. she takes 69 seconds to cover just ten meters even with the walking frame. no cure has been found for her illness but house developers hope she can slow its process by exercising with the robot. when people try to walk the brain sends signals through the serves. sensors on the thigh detects the impulses on the skin. even in a person who can barely walk the signals still get
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through. other sensors on the soles of the feet measure the center of gravity and his or her upper body posture. this helps the program anticipate how the wearer will move when he or she tries to take a step. that's how the robot assists patients to walk safely and with less strain. during the pilot trial the female patient exercised for 18 days. at tend of it she could cover ten meters in 12 seconds with the walking frame but without using how. in march this year researchers began a clinical trial in patients who have difficulty walking due to intractable nerve and muscle diseases. nine other hospitals are scheduled to join the one year trial. developers hope it will verify the effectiveness and safety. >> translator: walking exercises
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help brain signals reach the spine and then the patient's muscles. i believe the use can help delay the progress of diseases. >> reporter: it's also tracted the notice of foreign institutions. doctors at a hospital in germany tested it with their patients. >> they are out of the injury for more than a year and then they still gain function back which is a very surprising result. >> reporter: it's been a long time in the works. yoshi invented it in 1996 to help care givers lift and allower patients. he's been adapting it to broader applications. >> translator: this is the first robot for medical treatment. some challenges we main. for one, it's expensive. a month's rental cost about $1200 which insurance doesn't
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cover. when it's recognized add a medical device which professor is working on, the cost will fall. in the meantime only a select group of patients are able to experience walking with an energy they didn't know they had. time now for a check on the weather. people in the eastern half of north america are dealing with severe weather conditions. we see more in world weather. >> good morning, catherine, yes, we are looking at the snaking jet the stream across the united states and canada. yet again you can see it all the way down in the south, plunging down, making it a wintry picture into the great lakes region. so while we're seeing lots of snow up here but down towards the south due to humid moisture coming from the gulf of mexico,
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this is going to be heavy down pours. we are seeing flooding conditions in chicago. and that's going to remain into your thursday and into friday as it shifts towards the east. still the severity is quite intense. we do have a report, touchdown of tornado reported in mississippi and illinois. two reports already. and that's likely to continue. the risk of larger hail, damaging winds also are going to be unleashed from this severe weather system. toward the north of that, heavy snow will still be piling up. take a look at a picture coming in from colorado on thursday. it's a beautiful picture. but still that snow's there and it's not going to go anywhere as it shifts toward the east. more snow on the way about 25 centimeters. towards the west being looking fine and clear, but the typical santa ana winds are quite
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strong. in los angeles that's really high, so that's prime condition for critical fire weather, chicago down to 9 degrees. now over here in eastern continental asia, still the precipitation is continuing across the southeast. we really don't want more rain here, but it will be continuing. this also supplies all the southerly moisture and drops it here as rain. precipitation covering much of
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the southern south korea, but seoul will be remaining devoid from precipitation. across europe the northern half looking quite messy with wet and windy conditions. and unfortunately, this is continuing on into the weekend. you'll have a messy picture for the weekend. that includes thunderstorms, gusts and hail. but the temperatures are looking quite nice. moscow, up to 19 degrees, kiev at 20 degrees, madrid down to 18. yesterday was like 27 degrees, but lisbon looking at 24. here's our extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." do stay with us.
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